Peter Turnley on Robert Doisneau’s organized photo archive

From Hit The Streets 69: Paris: The Early Years with Peter Turnley — Valérie Jardin:

He taught me something fundamentally important: that if you really do believe that at its core that photography is about stopping a moment that you want to share with yourself and others for now and for time, you have to be able to find the photographs, otherwise they don’t exist. And he had a rule: he would never go to bed before he had numbered every negative and captioned every photograph that he made every day. And he had the most organized archive of anyone I’ve ever seen. He could find any photograph that he made in literally 30 seconds.

I found this old podcast episode by googling Peter Turnley podcast interview”. (Valérie Jardin has since stopped making Hit The Streets”, sadly). I used to like to listen to podcasts about digital photo gear, then film photography and film cameras, but now I just want to hear about people who make photos for a living and how they see things.

September 17, 2022