Moving edited photos from a Capture One Catalog to a new Session

I’d imported some travel photos to Lightroom and never edited them there, but I had edited a handful of them in Capture One after making Capture One’s Catalog aware of the images where they lived. (This was before going all-in on Capture One Sessions for new photos.) I wanted to physically put those Catalog photos in a new Session of their own and finish editing all the rest in the batch, but I didn’t want to lose the edits and metadata I’d already worked on. The way to do it is to make the new Session but don’t import any photos to it. Then, in the Catalog in Capture One, highlight all the images you want to copy to the new Session, click Export > Export Original Files… and set the Export To location to the Capture” folder of the new Session. Now you can go back and tell Lightroom to forget about that original folder of images, tell the Capture One Catalog to forget about them, too, delete the originals in the Lightroom folder, and keep working on your fresh copies in the new Capture One Session. (Be careful and triple-check your work, though.)

September 18, 2022