A while back I saw Derrick Story write about Peakto:

Finally! Your Entire Digital Catalog in One Place with Peakto - TDS Photo Podcast

Photography cataloging software has evolved a lot over the years. And as we move from software to software we often have to leave our older images behind. No more! Thanks to a breakthrough app called Peakto (for Mac), you can browse pictures from Aperture to Capture One, all in one interface, plus leverage the power of AI to search and sort.

A tool that can browse photos across the Finder, Apple Photos, Capture One, Lightroom, and other photo apps would be just what I want! I gave it a shot tonight and saw a lot of potential, but had to cancel. For me it was too buggy to even trial for very long. Unpredictable, inconsistent behavior in the UI when selecting photos to examine, not opening photos in context in Lightroom, etc.

When it gets better it’s going to compete with apps like Photo Mechanic and I can’t wait. I will surely sign back up eventually.

September 15, 2022