Fixed not syncing over iCloud

I rely on Drafts syncing between Apple devices over iCloud. I usually never have to think about it, but yesterday I noticed that some recent drafts hadn’t come over to the MacBook from the iPhone. Right then, I looked at DownDetector for iCloud and there had been a spike in outages, so I figured it would work itself out eventually.

This morning those drafts still hadn’t synced to the MacBook, so I went through the Drafts troubleshooting steps and made sure that Drafts had iCloud Drive permissions on both devices. Also checked that iCloud Sync was turned on in Drafts on the MacBook. I figured I’d looked at everything that could make any difference.

Greg responded with an explanation to a user who reported that iCloud Sync was enabled on their Mac but not on their phone:

Glad it’s sorted. We try to enable it by default, but if iCloud was not available for some reason when you first launched the app, it can get disabled.

Thanks for your patience with the issue!

A-ha! I hadn’t bothered to check that iCloud Sync was turned on in Drafts on the phone because I knew” it had always been enabled there. Note to self: Always check and re-check your assumptions.

October 29, 2023