Dr. Drang’s one notebook — one river of posts — iOS Translate

I really like Dr. Drang’s one notebook method. His Perl script to clean up his dictated paper index makes me want to use one notebook at home and index it the same way. But if I were to do this I’d want to use a bigger notebook than the Field Notes pocket notebook, and then where would I keep my grocery list and to-do list for the week? Those need to stay in the Field Notes because it’s so small and can go anywhere.

* * *

Somewhat related, although not really, I’m getting jealous of all the people with blogs putting all their stuff into them and not overthinking it. I’m going back to the idea of sticking with one dumb river of posts in this blog, whether I’m doing a Daily Notes kind of post, or a real Bloggy-Blog post with a title and a central idea. I’m following Jack’s lead here, where he tags his daily-journal posts (like /posts/2023/10/wednesday-october-25-2023) with Journal” but they’re still in the same folder path as his full” posts that have topical titles. Actually, I’m not totally following his lead because I haven’t started naming the files after the date. But it’s all a mess here anyway, so one thing at a time!

* * *

The iOS Translate app. I keep forgetting and then re-remembering that it’s right there on the phone.

October 25, 2023