Tuesday, June 11, 2024

I created a trial account on Pika today after hearing Jack and Alex talk about it: https://twelvety.pika.page There’s nothing much posted there, but I had to try it since it was free for 50 posts. It looks totally great. Though it would scratch the itch of having a super-easy place to blog and it makes titles optional, I’m not going to adopt it because:

  • I’m already at home with Blot.im and have got it looking decent for my needs. I don’t need to spend any time migrating anything right now, or feeling bad that I’m neglecting one paid platform over another paid platform.
  • I love Blot and it’s super powerful and well thought-out without being overwhelming. The only drawback is its dependence on Dropbox and the like, but you could say that’s also a feature, given all the text editors that work with Dropbox.
  • Pika is $5/month. That’s cheap, but it’s unnecessary if I’m on Blot already. Plus, I found out today that I was still on the Blot monthly plan ($4/mo) and the yearly plan is $44/yr ($3.67/mo), so I just switched Blot to yearly.
  • The only export option with Pika right now is to Contact us to get an export of your posts”. I’m sure that in practice, it’s easy to get them to send you the export, but that still seems like extra work. With most tools I like, a zip file download is just a click away on the control panel or dashboard. At worst it’s a button you click to get in a queue and wait for an automated email with an attachment or a download link. With Blot, you can download your config files easily, and all your posts are already in your Dropbox folder because that’s where they started.

So, for me, for now, no Pika, but I’ll remember it for later!

Blot Pika

June 11, 2024