Thursday, June 13, 2024

All those people that I used to call on the phone to keep up with during college and post-college years — the ones I’ve almost totally lost touch with — do they care? Is that just the natural state of things and would have happened regardless of the advances” of the internet and communications tools? Or am I a neglectful, narcissistic friend” in name only? I feel like a call out of the blue to someone I haven’t even direct-messaged on any platform in years would be received the way it would if I they were calling me: It’s nice to hear your voice, but what’s happening here? Why are you calling? Could you have warned me first?

I like using TiddlyWiki for daily notes, but I don’t like that all these paragraphs may be perceived as related. I don’t necessarily want to put horizontal lines between thoughts. Maybe some fancy decorative character goes between each one?

Yesterday was the second day in a week that I forgot the Apple Watch and left it charging at home. Also notable: the sense of relief I had at not having it on my wrist. Hmm. To that end, I’ve finally turned off notifications for iMessage. What a self-punishing thing to have enabled.

Signed up for a Microsoft Enterprise Skills Initiative (ESI) account through work so I can learn Microsoft Power Platform stuff. I love studying new things, but how do people have energy for anything after they get done with a day of work?

June 13, 2024