Friday, June 7, 2024

Well. After searching for some old info about the Mackie MR524 studio monitors and remembering I had only made notes about them in TiddlyWiki, I saw some daily journal entries and was astounded at how freeform and un-precious they were. Apparently, I used to use this thing to think out loud in a way that I never ever do when writing a Real Blog Entry in I would accidentally” blog all the time. So I’m going to try it again today, keeping this open for things that come up. At the end of the day I’ll paste this entry into either a Post or a Daily Note in Blot with a link back to this entry in the wiki.

I’m developing a fascination with the music and drumming skills of John Colpitts. I can look at his arms and legs and still not understand what he’s doing.

I pulled the old Sony ZS-S2iP boombox out of the closet last night and set it up in the kitchen. It has an Aux In jack, so I plugged the WiiM Mini into it and streamed lossless AirPlay to it from my phone. That works fine, but the speakers on this thing are terrible and always have been. Makes me want a pair of Audioengine A2+ speakers in there. I just added myself to the waitlist on their website to get notified when a pair of white open-box ones is available.

So if I put a bunch of notes in here, that makes… not the one source of notes that I thought it would be. Oh well! I do still have an urge to do some kind of daily notes in there, but I appreciate the fact that the developers steadfastly refuse to design the app to do daily notes at all, so that makes me take a breath and not build a weird set of scaffolding that would force-fit them in.

By the way, I’m full-on copying today’s daily note from TiddlyWiki into this blog, but I’m not hyperlinking every link that points back to the wiki. I think it would give readers (all two of you) whiplash to point you back to the wiki with every link. If you want all the links that originally appeared, visit the TiddlyWiki version of this post and have a much nicer time.

June 7, 2024