Seeing the big picture in Tinderbox

I attended the weekly Tinderbox meetup again just now and added this comment in the chat:

The thing I love most about Tinderbox is that the rich text part of a note can be arbitrarily long. With the nested/outline view that we’re looking at, you can see everything in context, but it’s trivial to dive into a long note, view the text of a list of notes together, pick and choose notes to combine, etc. This is historically done in the filesystem with files and folders, but these nodes can have much nicer titles, metadata, actions, etc. It fits the way my brain works.

Being an outliner and more, org-mode can do similar things when you expand/collapse headings at certain levels, but there’s something about Tinderbox and its malleability and suitability for incremental formalization that gets the wheels turning for me.


March 9, 2024