Notes on Lightroom and Capture One catalogs

I don’t know why I don’t spend more time processing the burdensome, unceasing backlog of digital photos I have littering hard drives and SSDs. One reason may be that there’s so much there that picking a few RAW keepers and processing them feels so pointless compared to all the digital negatives vying for attention. Another is that I can never settle on just one way to edit images, so I keep going back over collection folders in Lightroom Classic and Capture One that I’ve already mentally marked as done”, but I haven’t physically marked as done” anywhere (whether in a text file or on paper), so they seem constantly in a draft state, with every image vying for reconsideration and re-evaluation. I should keep an org-mode file that has notes in it about every collection and how I’ve processed what’s in it, but that seems like too much work. How long would I keep that up? How quickly before it gets out of sync with what’s really in a catalog?

Here’s what I did in notes about lightroom classic processed” just now:

#+title: Notes about Lightroom Classic processed catalogs

* 2023-10-08 fredericksburg trip with megan and david
- all Ricoh GR
- imported the color JPGs and the RAWs (the RAWs were all applied with the Tim Gray b/w settings)
** marked things as 1- and 2-stars. got through 20231008-R0341993.jpg before getting sleepy. have not culled any.
<2023-10-18 Wed>

We will see if that helps at all. At least I won’t worry about forgetting where I left off.

October 18, 2023