Org-mode event logging

I’m again feeling that pull to figure out The One True Way of logging past events, appointments, meet-ups, gatherings, walks, etc., all in one place, and probably in org-mode. I don’t know if it’s a ghost/demon that makes me think this because I in fact need to do a real” project and don’t want to commit, or if it’s a legitimate need.

But especially with this year’s conversion to a paper calendar, I don’t have Google Calendar to search for past stuff. I like the idea of having things in org-mode because the date stamps are built in and the Agenda comes alive when you use them.

I’ve tried this before with a file or org-journal, so this isn’t new ground—just a fixation brought back to the front of my brain. I want a format that’s nice to look at when I’m in Emacs, but also not too ugly to edit and search when I’m not around my laptop. I don’t know. Just writing this down to work through things.


May 31, 2023