Lost data in Logseq today

I think I’m done with Logseq. I have a second pane open all the time with sub-bullets that are just block references to completed tasks either in Daily Notes or inside dedicated pages. Today, one of those block references turned into a red GUID enclosed in parentheses when I hit Ctrl-R by accident (because I thought I was refreshing a web page in another window). In this case, the formerly block reference pointed to a block in a dedicated page. I opened that page in VS Code and saw that it was indeed empty except for one asterisk (I use org-mode files in Logseq). I looked through my backup folder at that same file and saw that yesterday it had a whole bunch of tasks and notes in it. Who knows how many other pages like that have silently lost data?

I would stick with org-mode files in VS Code going forward, since I have so much invested in that format, but there’s no reason to without the smarts of Emacs behind it (or a Logseq that didn’t make me nervous). So I’ll most likely go with Markdown notes made nicer by one of the many VS Code Markdown extensions. I’m sad, though.


May 17, 2023