Connected Blot blog to domain

I recently hooked this here Blot blog up to and wanted to not be embarrassed by the URL convention before I tweeted or tooted any links. I was trying to make URLs look the same as what I did on the old blog at the other domain, which has mercifully been broken by not updating Statamic long ago. I thought I had better URLs in place there, but I see now that I didn’t use date paths on the old blog. Everything was just a title slug under /blog/. Also, the writing was often atrocious. What world did I think I was going to save? Good riddance.

I like how Simon Reynolds doesn’t clutter up his URLs with a day of the month — just the year and month:

Only had to specify it in the Blot dashboard with this custom URL format: {{YYYY}}/{{MM}}/{{slug}}


I also organized the entries in Blot’s posts subfolder in Dropbox as /yyyy/mm/ instead of dumping them all in the year 2023.

Blot meta

April 5, 2023