Sunday, Oct. 2, 2022

I told Sarah about Obsidian and how the 0.16 upgrade (via Jack) might lure me back. She said switching notetaking systems was like buying a new planner every month”, and then shared: Corita Kent’s Rules — R / D

RULE ONE: Find a place you trust, and then try trusting it for awhile.

Maybe I need to go back to the big orange bullet journal to plan my weeks.

Still trying Tot as a daybook and super-short time log, inspired by Maggie Appleton’s Tana tour video. One note per day, whole week spread across the seven dots”. And then copying and pasting those into Markdown files, one per day, in Dropbox. The nice thing about Tot is it syncs between the phone, iPad, and MacBook, and when I switch to it, I know it’ll be on the last page I left it on on that device. The ability to search Dropbox for those entries later is nice, but the real benefit of entering the times as I do stuff seems to be from being more aware of the passage of time, the current task, and trying to finish the current thing before getting pulled into something else.

Cheryl Rofer on Twitter:

This is the only article you need to read on whether Russia might use nuclear weapons in Ukraine and how the US might respond. Interviews with people who know this sort of thing - Sam Nunn, @Gottemoeller, Scott Sagan, and William Perry.

What If Russia Uses Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine? - The Atlantic

October 2, 2022