Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022

Jack and Alex got me going down a rabbit hole about Ralph Gibson:

Why Master Photographer Ralph Gibson Went Digital After Decades | WIRED

I’m not interested in making my images look like analog silver gelatin,” he says. Right off the bat I didn’t care for that. If I had wanted an analog look, I would’ve stayed with my film.”

Ralph Gibson - The Leica camera Blog

If you want to find out about your own photographs find a comfy chair and look at your best shot for 3 hours, without taking your eyes off it. It’s a bitch but afterwards you will know a lot more about who you are as a photographer.”

If I look through the viewfinder and don’t feel anything, digital is merciless about not adding anything that wasn’t there. The only times I get something good on digital is when I see something that makes me want to shoot before looking through the camera.

Also, I need to stop worrying about straightening all of my photos.

September 3, 2022