Thursday, Aug. 25, 2022

Hello world!

I started this morning feeling the need to use something like Drummer, but without using Drummer. I wanted the ability to post random stuff easily at any point in the day, without having to go to TiddlyWiki and edit a tiddler. Just edit today’s Markdown file in Dropbox. Hmm.

And now here’s a line from my phone.

I need to remind myself that the Fujifilm X100T doesn’t do great with light skin tones at high ISOs. This is well-known by now, and I should stop fighting with the camera. You need to know when it’s time to say uncle and process the RAW files instead.

Speaking of which, I got an email from Capture One Pro about a 50%-off sale through Aug. 31. You bet I bought an annual license!

The URL pattern for blog posts here will change this weekend. What I have right now is pretty unwieldy.

August 25, 2022