Sunday, Aug. 28, 2022

The Obsessive Pleasures of Mechanical-Keyboard Tinkerers | The New Yorker, via Joan.

…because I often eat at my desk, I have issues with what’s known in the hobby as board chow”—bits of food that disappear into the spaces between the keys—so that if I turn my keyboard upside down and shake it I can sometimes almost re-create an entire everything bagel.

Also from that article, behold:

Brand New Model F Keyboards by Model F Labs

The First Modern Model F Mechanical Keyboard
Bringing back the classic buckling spring keyboard, built to last for decades but out of production since the 1980s, for a short production run ending soon!

Still messing with Capture One and Fujifilm X100T photos. I’m making it up as I go, but it is fun. Shamelessly cropped way in on this one:

Cyclists on Westover Hills Blvd.

Dang, I haven’t used a regular blog in so long that I forgot how much fun it is.

August 28, 2022