Monday, Aug. 29, 2022

Added to the to-read list: Anxious People by Fredrik Backman. Via Sara.

Deep down, in memories that we might prefer to suppress even from ourselves, a lot of us know that the difference between us and that man on the bridge is smaller than we might wish.

I’ll never wean myself off of seeing a photo and wondering what its origins are (film/digital, camera/phone), but Glass gets me closer to letting go of that than any other screen-based medium.

Talya Adams: My Leica M3. This is a delightful testimonial. I’m sold! (But I was already.)

BSAG recommends Work Clean by Dan Charnas:

The basic argument Dan Charnas makes is that kitchens are extremely high pressure, busy environments, in which a series of processes have to occur in a specific order and in a timely way in order to get a delicious plate of food in front of a customer. Therefore, there might be things people working in other fields could learn from professional kitchens which would help others faced by a daily deluge of things to get done.

August 29, 2022